---@ Reality TV @---

RC Life: Livin' Large with Tiny Cars

Follow a retired New York plumber-turned-RC hobby shop owner, his self-proclaimed redneck wife native to Florida, their giant comedian son, their best employee (who also happens to be an athletic “little person”), and a loveable 200+ lb. mastiff puppy as they do their best to run a business deep in the ever-growing national subculture of the eclectic, if not downright bizarre, RC vehicle enthusiasts. Built from the ground-up in what used to be an abandoned warehouse in small-town America where everyone wants to be recognized as someone special, hundreds of RC car junkies strive for their 15 minutes of fame every week. This ‘RC Life’ community has built a sanctuary where local RC racers compete on equal ground in tournaments where anyone from anywhere can rise to the top. Those that snatch glory from the jaws of defeat reach local stardom, and those that fail paint a giant target on the backs of the winners for the next race.

RC Life is the story of the RC (Remote/Radio Control) Racing Subculture, and how they’re “Livin’ Large with Tiny Cars.”

  • Materials Available
    • 2-Page version Docu-Style Reality Pitch
    • 10-Page version Docu-Style Reality Pitch
    • DVD (Computer & TV Playable) Sizzle Reel

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---@ Science Fiction @---

Perception: A Technologically Innovative Sci-Fi Thriller

Perception is a fresh new inventive look into "found footage formula" films - from what we've researched only a few folks out there in the interweb-land have even slightly attempted what we have created.

That is all that can be said about this project as it is currently very "hush-hush" as we're going to turn some heads with this film.

Zan: The story of a Real Hacker, not a H@x0R

The title above is not the actual title - we are currently in the initial processes of nailing down the script for this one. The idea came about because many of the creative folks here at Frickbat Films are actually very experience software engineers / computer scientists.

The initial concept is simple - Hollywood only knows about flashy hacking - like how Hugh Jackman is cracking an encryption algorithm by wrestling a multi-touch 3D cubes or the fact that the horrible film Hackers from 1995 is listed as the #2 best hacker film of all time... zomg real hacking in the 1990s was not like it is portrayed in that film... We want to cover real hacker behavior that is defined not only computer system hacking but social manipulation and phreaking.

Essentially we plan on having Zan be a 'real hacker' - which includes much more than what people have come to expect from a hacker film - more incoming...



---@ Horror @---

Brainpan: A whacked out story of Mental Self-Awareness

Brainpan is a short horror film - once completed it will probably have a less-than-15 minute run time. With this project we are poking more-than-a-little fun at the way Hollywood typically creates pathological human "monsters," although as with everything we do, there are aspects of humor present in this script.

It is high on the to-do docket for filming.


It is also important to note that we also have more-than-a-few scripts currently in-work under the horror / thriller / suspense categories.



---@ Comedy @---

The Devil's Minstrels: FUBAR

We were the un-credited company / unofficial technical team for the upcoming (40-minute) short film by our sister company The Devil's Minstrels. They are by far the most extremely unique Heavy Metal Band you'll ever see. You can visit their representative site for more information. However; it is important to note that they are actively trying to get picked up by a TV Network and their last creation is for Independent Film Festival Submissions.

Below are a few screen-captures of the film. We are exceptionally happy with the outcome, especially (selfishly) the portion of the film where the female lead was acting in a heavily-stylized embedded "B" Horror Film entitled "Zombie Girl." The shots below are a mix between the stylized embedded film and the fake film crew filming the embedded film - wow that's confusing huh?! Some of the other shots below could be considered more in the Suspense / Action genres.

Oh and yes, as you can also see directly above, Frickbat Films possesses the unique skill and an exceptional amount of experience filming puppets, which we can assure you is no simple task...