Why "Frickbat" Films?! What the heck is a "Frickbat?!?!?"

We put this on the site because we get lots of folks asking that exact question - haha - so we figured we'd give an explanation here.

The Story...

One of our founding members has been an avid video-gamer since the 1980s - back then he was known as "Osiris." Back in about 1985-ish he and his best-friend (known as "Anubis"), were mega-addicted to a role-playing game entitled Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar on (as they put it) the Best Home Computer ever created; the Commodore 64.

Well anyway he and his best-friend were continually getting attacked by these little dungeon bats that were easy to dispatch but kept dragging down the game progression... Every time they turned a corner they were jumped by a group of these stupid bats - there was nothing more annoying then blowing your limited game time fighting these idiotic little flap-bats over and over again... So as with most in-game frustration, after the 14 trillionth attempt to get past these flying pixel rats, the cursing and swearing started pouring out of the 16 year old's bedroom. Flarbin' Smackin' Wonker BATS!

Except of course those weren't the words used - oh no, we're talking the kind of swearing that is considered a modern art form - the kind of cursing that would make a one-eyed, one-legged, one-nutted Sea Pirate from the 1860s blush - bare minimum the "F-Bomb," as it is so endearingly called now, was dropped every few seconds much to the dismay of the parental figures within earshot...

So "Frickbat" was born. Instead of being scolded every 3 minutes for their continual swearing, they opted to label anything that slowed (any) game down a "Frickbat."



A shot of a "Frickbat" in Ultima 5 - there are no screenshots to be found of the ones in Ultima 4...


Oh right, so why is that the name of the company?!
No reason really - we just thought it was really FRICKBAT'N funny :) HA!